Our Projects.

Alliance is a turnkey solution for truss design, production, transportation, and delivery.

Think it can’t be done? Ask us anyway!

On every project, there’s a unique challenge that threatens to derail your timeline.
Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for problem-solving the
inconvenient, the strange, and the impossible.

Creating a Bell

This “Bell” stemmed from a client requiring a
special look to top off a wing of his renovated
home. Creating wood that bends was an
interesting challenge.

Truss & Frame To House

A great project working with trusses and wall frames to build this home renovation in record time.

Highway # 1 Overpass Bridge

This was a project that required an innovative design approach to build the trusses across the length of the bridge in a manner suitable for them to be removed after the concrete forming was completed.

Building a new Mountain Co-Op

The sheer length of the wood spans required to make the beautiful Mtn. Co-op ceiling shows the capability of our team of professionals here at Alliance Truss.

Ronald McDonald House

It’s a joy to work on projects that give back so much. This job combined trusses and panels.

St. Catherine Street, Vancouver

Spring in Vancouver: beautiful. Working in tight spaces: not so much! But that’s the breadth of work we accomplish – all projects great and small.

How far does your Crane go

Hats off to the crane crew! The awkward placement on a steep incline took them to the ends of their abilities to complete the project. But we got it done.

Transport in Any Condition

When the snow comes and the pass is blocked Alliance Truss’ Epic Transport crews still soldier on…

Unloading Wood Panels

It was fun to watch as our drivers maneuvered the truck to prepare to unload the panels. A ticklish business!

Trusses: Build by numbers

Marking each stack allows for better efficiencies on the trucks for shipping and on-site for building. Extended cranes give us a huge range for installing any job.

Wall Panels Division Project 1

Panels can go up much more quickly than conventional framing will allow, saving time and space on site

Wall Panels Project 2

Wall panels stacked and ready to go gives you the Alliance edge: you’ll be installing in hours, not days.

Building WashWorld

Like the “Bell” project, the arched WashWorld trusses –built as concrete forms– forced our team to master a difficult skill.

Wall Panels Project 3

Simple, clean, and finished on time!