Questions about Getting a Quote.

Getting a Quote.

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Can you price my job, and what do I need to provide?

In some cases, we can work from specific information that can be provided over a simple phone call. However, in general, we require a copy of the architectural drawings, and if structural drawings have been generated, those will be required as well.

How long does it take to produce a quote or layout?

It will depend on some key variables, of which include the current business lead time, and the nature (building type, size & scope) of the project.

Do you create truss permit layouts for City submission and for Engineers?

Part of the order process is to generate the necessary documentation to fulfill an order for our customers and the project consultants. While layouts are prepared at a certain stage of the process, and provided as part of the transaction, we do not necessarily provide layouts as a standalone service.

What are the terms associated with your quote?

Typically we provide five (5) days for acceptance of the quote terms, which will include delivery of goods by a certain date. Extenuating circumstances, and the nature of the project (size, scope, duration) are reviewed to ensure our quote terms reflect what’s fair for all parties.

What does a typical order process look like?

Once a quote has been accepted, your confirmed order is scheduled with a tentative delivery date. Our salesperson, and the logistics department will communicate at multiple points throughout the process to review final details regarding the design, build, and shipment of the order. In general, your order is designed and built one (1) to three (3) days before the expected delivery date. This ensures all parties are working with the most current and relevant information, and should changes be required, we can do our best to incorporate them. The logistics department will reach out as early as five (5) weeks from the tentative delivery date, and consistently throughout, to assess whether your project is progressing as planned, and to work with you should changes be necessary to the timeline. Two (2) to three (3) days prior to delivery, the final details will be confirmed, after which product is delivered.

What is your current lead time?

This will depend primarily on the nature of the project (size & scope), and also demand based on seasonality. For an accurate lead time, reach out to one of our qualified sales staff and they will be happy to discuss.